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 hello guys and welcome back to my

channel for today I want to share one of
the most profitable method methods with
you and for each I will use two brand
new indicators so you have to try it on
a demo account if you don't have an
account you can go to the link which is
in the description and you will get a
demo account with 10000 sub points on it
and I want to of course kindly ask you
to subscribe to my new channel where I
will have almost every day live
streaming and link is in the description
just first of all I want to collect some
subscribers on my new channel because it
was only about 20 or maximum 30 people
in life and I think it's not worth to I
thought it was not worth to livestream
and I stopped it for some period but if
I collect more than for example 2000
subscribers I will keep going on live
streaming so if you have not yet
subscribed it you can subscribe and you
will see my live streaming trading of
course 30 so I already set two brand new
indicators and let
so now I have to I have to look for some
good moments as you see below the screen
is CCI and Ford's is Monty's moving
average so soon so let's let's bet 184
dollars okay now we have a great moment
and green candles are opened and down
the screen you see see see I made some
red candles and of course the mountain
is going down it means that we had to
bet we had to bet good of course I think
this was one of the greatest moment so
if you don't understand anything you can
just write down in the comment and I
will try my best to reply you so I think
in trading whether you are working with
currencies or stocks it doesn't matter a
lot depends on the tools that you use I
mean the indicators of course lots of
depends on the chart for example the
best chart I think the best chart of the
platform is candle chart because it's
easy easiest way to make some technical
analysis and lots of professional
traders think the same great plus one
hundred and fifty-three dollars great
let's trade tried a little bit more and
find out if these methods work or
doesn't work and I want to ask you to
try this moment it's better to to
a little bit to make a green candle of
course we have to bet on two minutes two
minutes is expiry I was a little bit
hurry because I had to wait till the new
candle was opened you know in this
situation it is better to to wait a
little bit when some two or three can
the green candles are open and after
that for example in the situation the
second bet was better than the first one
because I was a little bit hurry bad fat
idiot it's okay but if we have to
remember one of the golden rules of
trading is that you should invest only
the amount that you are comfortable
comfortable with losing because no one
can predict the future and make a 100%
profitable investment of course
sometimes you can go through everything
speed because however you should never
expect that all of your deals will be in
the money
so sometimes you gain sometimes you lose
that's a big part of trading I wish we
all win for all the trades but it's
impossible so I think I will have plus
14 dollars it's okay

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