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2000$ in 10 minutes - never loses very easy trick

 hello guys I hope you are doing well so

I had some longtime hangouts on vacation
and now we want to get started again and
gain some money to have more and working
out as you see on the screen I've opened
two windows with 1-minute candles and 10
seconds candles in order to see the
movement of the market so I want to
kindly ask you to subscribe to my new
channel to this channel where I will
have almost every day live streaming of
my trades but till I start again I want
to gain some more and more subscribers
more than a minimum or more than 1000
and 500 subscribers in order to collect
some people and you know the more people
to see my live streaming's because with
this subscribers I had only maximum 15
people in life so I want to gain more
and then I will start live streaming
again so candles are going up and great
great job the first wing so I've started
trading with buy three thousand and
seven hundred dollars and let's see how
much I will gain at the end of the trade
and of course if you don't have an
account yet you can go to the link which
is in the description and open a demo
account and practice practice and
practice lots and lots of times of
course so the link which is in the
description is IQ option demo account
link because I always
suggest to my fever's to trade on IQ
option because this is one of the most
reliable company in the world so I can
just prove and I can just suggest you
because they never scam people so if you
don't have an account yet you can go
into this you can go to the link in the
description and open the demo account
and test all the methods with me so a
little bit up okay
okay it's too bad but I'm lost $300 but
let's see what will happen for the next
trade so lots of people just ask me how
I get professional professional trader
so they interest interest how to get a
professional trader like me so I want to
tell to these people some tips how to do
it so first of all there are many ways
to becoming a professional traders plus
240 dollars oh great great
so the I think the most important skill
every trader needs is the ability to
analyze data quickly traders need to
develop their analytical skills too so
they can recognize trends and trends in
the chart but this ability comes with
the experience only that's why I always
suggest you to open a demo account to
test all the methods only honored among
a demo account and then when you get
some experience maybe after two years
after one years then it's okay to open
real one so also traders need to have a
healthy thirst for information and a
desire to find all the relevant data
that impacts the securities they trade
so many traders create calendars of
economic releases and set announcements
that have measurable effects on the
financial markets so we have you can
just open an investing cone which is one
of the
how to say that one of the best
informaiton formational site ever I
think so plus $400 and on that site you
can find all the main information about
about the market about the world what's
going on in the world because what's
going on in the world
really really really it effects on the
market as well so the main thing you
have to do is to read more and practice
more also I think one of the most
important skills is focus because we
have to for example we have several
information about today's situation in
the world but we have to find out which
one is the most important for us so I
think this is really really difficult
but it of course comes with the
experience of me
and of course as I always told you you
have to leave your emotions at the door
because when traders start to get
emotional about their trades this is I
mean bad emotions method goes out the
window of course
just just try to imagine that you are
trading on a demo account just try it
think that this is demo account that not
the real one and try to be less
emotional so for example when I trade in
life here on YouTube I do get very
nervous because of some cool because I
focus on some comments and messages and
this is very bad for my trade so plus
$2,000 I think this is enough for today
thanks for taking time to watch my
videos thank you for every seconds - bye
see you soon

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