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Combinaison d'options IQ - Fractale et moyenne mobile 100% précise

 welcome guys today you will see the

combination of fractal and moving
average which works positively
and will bring you profit in most cases
you should know that in order to work
effectively follow the instructions
as shown and before we start don't
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this post
and it also motivates us to post more
often so let's get started
first of all what we do is
to put two minute candles i will explain
why we put
in during the post then we set the
fractal indicator to period
3 to have a faster reaction in different
directions of the candles
um the next indicator is moving average
which we set the period to five
we set the moving average again this
period will be 2 as well as change the
color and
thicken the line as the crossing points
more visible
and we even set the moving average to
a hundred this time to see a clear
picture of how the trend or direction is
so continue watching the post for more
please here comes one of the good
moments when the fractal indicator gives
us a sign
that the candles are going from top to
observe the intersection of moving
indicators with each other so this is
one of the
clearest pictures that the trend will
in a downward direction for at least one
this is one moment when you can enter
the market
in this posti will explain some of the
moments when
you can perform the same actions but in
different positions
one of the main factors is not too rush
because speed is
disastrous for your capital
so as you can see the right entry and
was not delayed now find other positions
where we can trade
here is one of the good moments and i
will explain why it's good now i will
place all my money
first because i think 99 will go
down the trend in at least one minute
my first look at moving average 100
is a neutral situation with the moving
average uh
the other two indicators running down of
course after crossing
you also see the fractal indicator
signal from the top
to to to bottom uh so this reminds us
this is one of the best moment
and we have one of course
but remember whenever moving average
lines cross each other
and the fractal signal points in the
same direction the faster you bet
more chances you have of winning because
the longer we are late
the trend may change against us so there
is no
complete accuracy here
now i'm looking for a moment where i
will show you a more
accurate entry point i will try to find
such a moment
just in case
moving average lines should intersect
uh on the left the moving average 100th
period indicator
also shows the trend above as well as
the fractal indicator is about
weight just for a little bit and i
but down this is one of the
very bad mistakes of course here
is a great chance to lose money
and of course the method page off again
and i lost 150 due to a mistake
again a good moment and i will not
switch to another currency because here
um two i think i will
i will win it is a more accurate moment
because the moving average indicators
intersect we also have the fractal
signal there is the moment i was telling
you and i was
saying that the earlier you go the more
chances to have of winning because we
now entered the beginning of the signal
and here i am almost a hundred percent
sure of the profit
here are seven seconds left and again
and again winning of course
the method one

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