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Comment je gagne 3100 $ avec un faible risque - Meilleure stratégie d'option de poche 2021

 Hello guys.

Hope you are well,
I have made a Telegram channel. so if you want to see
the dates in advance a few days before when the next video
will be posted, I will post on the Telegram.
The link will be in the description.
today I want to use the method from the previous video. today is
Saturday and we have to trade on the OTC market.
This method also works well on the OTC market.
Generally, I don't trade on this market rate.
This's the exception for today.
I want to explain also what each indicator
represents. ADX is used to measure the strength of a
trend. in this particular method
I guess with the ADX indicator, when the price starts to
stabilize and there is an opportunity to go in the opposite
direction. So the next is CCI lines.
It compares the current price with the average price over
a particular period.
It can be used in a variety of strategies in a variety of
way. So it depends on you.
The next is the Stochastic oscillator.

It's a popular technical indicator for generating overpriced

and sold signals.
Also Bollinger band.
It's a price envelope.
It determines the level of high and low price range.
So I think the first good moment is here.
I put on the buy 1,000 dollars because the Stochastic Oscillator
lines intersect and go upwards.
Also, the CCI line has a direction from the bottom to up.
with the ADX lines looking at each other.
This is a sign that the strong sales momentum has reduced and
purchase should come with high probability.
So I think we are going to win. just go up a little bit.
the first win.
So see quickly.
I put in a good moment here as well.
I did not want to spoil the delay.
The main indicator in this method is ADX because for example,
if everything goes well as needed, all the indicators intersect,
Bollinger band lines also referred to candles, but ADX indicator
don't give us a signal.
In this case, we don't trade or bet.
observe in any trade If the ADX indicator lines are not too close to each other
or don't intersect, then most likely the trend do not change.
So if we bet the opposite and the trend does not change,
it's logical that we are going to lose money.
So it is the most important indicator in this method and
I think it's the second win.

So if you observe this moment you will see that an obviously

the upward trend is beginning.
You can even wait for the ADX lines to connect with each
other and for Bollinger band to cross the middle line
on the green candle.
This would be a great moment too. sometimes you need to observe
the strategy yourself to analyze and draw conclusions.
Every person has his opinion on this or that strategy.
So if you are going to trade any strategy, I tell everyone
to start with the demo account only, and Link will be in the
description. Great.
Another good moment is here.
Look at how Heikenash candles crossed the Bollinger
bands top line and started to the downward trend.
The other three indicators point to the same signal.
This is a good moment, but a better moment would be if
the middle white line of the Bollinger band crossed the red candle.
So these candles help us a lot in this strategy because
they clearly show the ascending and descending situation
that ordinary candles don't make.
So use Heikenash candles and don't use ordinary ones.
And the other win.
This was almost the same moment as the others.
For Heikenash candles, you don't have to wait for a new
candle to rise.
If all the indicators give you a signal that you should buy

or sell, you must do it quickly. because good moments are

not so frequent.
And it's not worth wasting time waiting for the next candle.
Even you can trade with this method
in the three-minute intervals.
It has quite a good result too. so it's already up to you to
decide what kind of system you use.
And please don't forget to like my video and also Subscribe
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Of course, please.
And we lost. Unfortunately, the last trade was lost, but I
think that's okay.
If you have any questions, please write in comments.

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