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Stratégie Pocket Option 2 minutes | Trading d'options binaires 2021

 hello friends. in today'spost, I'm going to  withdraw eleven thousand three hundred dollars

earned in the previous post 
because to show you  exactly how this happens. I will also explain in
detail one of the most profitable methods that I  often use. before I start explaining the method in
the description there is a link to the platform  where I use this method. I also have a new
telegram channel and subscribe to it please. so  let's start withdrawing money. we move to the real
account and as you can see I have eleven thousand  three hundred dollars then I press withdrawal.
I indicate bitcoin in the first column  because it's a large amount. I will
write eleven thousand two hundred and fifty  dollars and I leave fifty dollars for trading.
here we asked for a confirmation pin  code which you will receive by email.
here it is. copy the pin code and enter it in this  field. that's all. we'll wait for confirmation.
now let's move on to the main  business: the method I use often.
in the first row, we have to set  the Keltner channel indicator.
in the second stochastic  oscillator, and in the third
zigzag. all three indicators are really  important. now change the Keltner channel
multiplier to two. I will also change the  colors of the stochastic oscillator because it's
more convenient for me but you can  leave it in the same color as it is.
as for the candle time,  30-second candles are effective
on this method. set the expiration time to two  minutes as it has the most effective result.
as for the use of method go to  trading and explain in detail.
this is one of the good  moments in this method.

why I will explain to you right now.  so let's put the money first.

so let us now examine how to place a profitable  trade with these figures. this requires three
moments. first, the red candles should be below  the Keltner channel line or almost near to the
below Keltner channel line. second, the  stochastic oscillator must be for sale,
both the blue and yellow lines intersecting  and facing upwards. the third moment and
most important point is that the zigzag indicator  line should be at the top of the red candle
below the bottom line of the Keltner channel  and the candles should start moving in the
opposite direction. so you have to remember  these three moments. and what's happening here?!
always use any new method on a demo account before  you use a real one. keep in mind that this method
will not produce the same result for everyone.  if this method works well for you continue to
use it in practice and your trading skill  will be improved. as you can see we won.
it made three green candles  and one small red candle.
now let's find the highest percentage of  currency pairs and see the good moments to
develop this method in more detail for you. so  never put money in such a moment. watch out for
stochastic oscillator. it was a really bad moment.  so here I saw a wonderful moment. both candles and
indicators are in an ideal position. so let's  bet the entire money because it's a good moment.
so before you place a trading amount make sure you  follow the necessary terms. uh, sometimes there
is a market that's growing about the Keltner  channel and growing steadily as the previous
currency pairs showed you. this is a really  difficult moment in the market. when you see
this moment don't make a deal because it has quite  a small chance of winning. as for this particular

moment take a look at the Keltner channel lying  above across the zigzag line and head to the top

of the green candle followed by red candles,  plus the stochastic oscillator green and red
lines intersect and point down. such a moment is the best of this method. you have to remember this.
great job. we won. four red candles are very good but remember this method with caution.
don't rush and it's necessary to capture the moment that you see in detail in this post . if you do all
these and pay attention to every detail you will  definitely get the best results in trading, guys.
so I think it was enough for today. so guys I have a new telegram channel. be sure to subscribe to it.
I will post there a few days in advance when the new post will be posted. be sure to like the
post and write in the comments what to do in  the next post. so I wish you a peaceful trade

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