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Is this best signal for free? - Binary Option Free Signals

 hello guys hope you are well in today's

video i want to speak about a new signal
platform and
as i discovered they work pretty well so
go to the link in the description
and try them on a demo account i think
you lose nothing and
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first of all we have to set candles on
one minute you can just repeat in
everything in the way
as i am doing and everything will be all
so here we choose one minute candles
then on the right side you see
signals first we press the signals and
signals page will open they have arrows
which points if the signals are weak or
they are strong if they have two arrows
and they are weak if they have one
so in order to receive signals for a
certain period of time you need to set
the appropriate time limits how many
minute signals
you want for example in this situation
i have one minute signals installed
and let's look for the strong
signals when we place a trade for
go to the trading tab and you will see
your trading history
so you see here we had a strong signal
so all signals are built using technical
indicators but
it's unclear which indicators are used
them trading signals are an important
assistant in binary trading
thanks to these two private traders do
not have to spend much time
analyzing the financial market and
forecasting the market situation
however not all signals are
useful of course using trading signals
for binary options you can quickly make
decisions without
developing your own method it's
always more effective to combine your
and signals together so let's try and
use a weak signal
and see if it wins for example use
the first currency which we have
in the chart and let's try only
fifty dollars
let's risk only fifty dollars not more
so on the market there are three types
signals the first is market sentiment
the second is signals
based on indicators data and the third
is free online signals
all of them are based on the principle
of mathematical calculation and
as you see the weak signal has just lost
because it's weak and we don't have to
use them
if you want to get wins on the market
so let's see the strong
signal also we have the question
how to work with the signals when trader
using broker signals you should keep in
mind that these signals are not
a hundred percent accurate if we are
talking about
robot signals and other binary option
trading aids
some of them can really work and be
profitable but
you should always conduct your own
fact-based analysis and
make decisions based on that
so what's our trading signals for
so this system of binary options
indicators is based on financial assets
uh the coincidence of the indicators
creates a
signal of market entry using you can
using them you can decide when it's
better to enter
and exit a trade of course as you can
see it's
in practice everything is very simple
you just get notified and just take
action you need to understand it some

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