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Newest And Easiest Way To Trade Option


Newest And Easiest Way To Trade 

hello my friends and welcome back to my channel  as always I am trying to find the easiest ways of  
getting profit on the market and in this situation  I found some brand new indicator which is called  
which is called and the easiest indicator which is  called the wheelie and so let's test and defining  
it's good if it's bad if it if it works or if it  doesn't it also and first of all I want to kindly  
ask you to subscribe to my channel to like my  post if you liked it and to click the ring sign  
next to the SUBSCRIBE sign to get a notification  when a new post is uploaded so let's start doing  
business and don't forget to choose 10 seconds  candles and we will trade two minutes on two  
minutes so below the screen you see this brand new  indicator so you see purple line big line and also  
some I don't know maybe blue blue thick sorry  thin thin moving line so if this line causes up  
this purple line it means that we have to sew so  in this situation it causes up and going crosses  
the purple line and going up it means that we  have to bet at all of course so in robust another  
situation if it crosses down the purple line and  going down of course we have to click input button  
and I will write in the description in in details  I mean this method so everything is going well at  
first sight and also I want to tell you a little  bit about this indicator this is Williams known  
as there are we have person trade a type of  moment in which indicator which moves between  
zero and 100 and also it measures overbought and  oversold on the markets the Williams is commonly  
used to find entry and exit points of the of  the market so it was developed by Williams  
that that's why it's called Williams the name of  founder wait right the first win great so it's it  
was played so now we can all my daddy here is a  great situation we can just click put your tips
hmm so it I think this indicator is one of the  best indicators so in practice it compares stopped  
closing price to the high and low range over  a specific period and this period is typically  
14 days 2 weeks so I think everything is going  very very well so you can if you don't have an  
account you can just go to the link below the  post just opening the college and test this  
method I mean you can open the demo account wait  the second-day great job okay so let's try one  
more moment where we can just bet and that's  all for today okay let's see here I think your  
is a good moment as well okay you know it  moves very fast so we have to be quite fast  
as well to let to be late great great great  so we have to I wanted to speaks about some
specific times when to trade and when not  to trade on the markets because we know  
that volatility is different throughout  the day it depends on the market so as we  
know in the world exist for major markets  great job okay thank you Williams I think  
this indicator is working very well so  you can just use it you can just test  
it and if you have any question letting me  through the mail thanks for watching bye

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