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Shocking Method Profit de 200$ à 5000 $ - DOIT ESSAYER CELUI-CI !

 hi friends. have not seen you  for a long but for today i  

have really really great and profitable methods. so look at the video carefully and  
react in the way as i do in this video  in order to get profit and in order to  
win-win and win. and for the method let's  set indicators and they are Emma on 14,
also, we have to set the second  indicators and it is ssma line on 18.,
let's choose yellow for it and of course we  have to choose macd line and I will try to  
do everything very slowly in order to make you understand. macd line here it is.  
macd line on 16 on 26 and 9 and apply. and of  course the method is really different from the  
other ones. we have to choose 10 seconds candles and but trade on three minutes.
and I think here we have a great moment. let's bet all the money I have on my account. but do  
not forget to trade on three minutes because this  is much better than to trade on one minute.
so here it is. we have to choose Emma line, ssma  line and macd lines and of course we have to set  
10-second scandals and we have to trade on three minutes. so if you do not understand  
anything you can just comment um below the  video and i will try on my best to reply all  
of your comments. but in any way, I will write this method in the description. I will explain  
the method in the description below the video  and you can just read out from there.  
and for the first situation, the candles are going down. and of course, I want to kindly ask you to  
subscribe to my channel if you like my tutorials  of course and do not forget to like my videos and  
of course, if you do not have an account yet you  can just go to the link below the video and you  
will get 10 000 coins on a demo account. you just remember that you lose nothing. you have to just  
click the link and open a demo  account and you can just test.  
oh great job for the first time plus  174 dollars. so let's see uh how good the method is.  
let's just count uh how many wins  and how many losses I will have.  
and of course, I want to explain to you the method. let's bet all the money
and trade on three minutes and call. so as you  see on the screen ssma line and emma  
lines are both going down. also at the same  time macd two lines, I mean below the screen  
red and blue lines cross to each other and are  going up means we have to bet call of course.  
so maybe I will have some different  situations and I will try to uh explain  
that situation as well. but sometimes I bent  from the method because my initial knowledge  
helps me to recognize the movement
of the market. so in order to win on  the market you have to lose everything, you have  
to lose everything, anything, everyone. just sit in front of the screen and think of the method.  
just only about the method, don't think about  the loose, don't think to recover the losses,  
don't think about the wins, just only think of  the method and only this market, I mean only  
about the platform. in order to get profit  you have to leave your emotions at the door.  
because the fear of losing just will make you lose money. okay and the second win.
great job. 695 dollars for the second  trade and here what's happening.
here is a little bit different but I will  hurry up and but I can't wait for a little bit.  
okay, what's happening here? okay, not..
um okay.. I am hiring but in  this situation you can just wait uh for about  
some seconds because as you see macd lines  are going up and in several seconds  
they just will go down. just look on the screen. I think they will go up but in  
some seconds they will go down. so I was a  little bit hurry up but you can just for  
For example, you can just wait for about 30 seconds.  
so macd lines just cross to each  other and I think they will go down.
yes yes of course.
as i said to you um  
initial knowledge really really helps  me to recognize the movement of the market.
so I can say that this method really works well  to me but I cannot tell you if it will  
work for you. because we are different people what  works for me maybe doesn't work for you or  
maybe will work for another person. and 1 293 dollars on my account for the third trade.  
and three wins. great job. this is awesome. it really works for me. and let's bet.  
so here we have the same situation as it was for the last trade. so as you see  
ssma line and Emma line were just going down but but
I think macd lines will go up  but I had to wait for about 15 seconds.  
but sometimes I hurry up. you can just  wait for 15 minutes and then bet.
okay okay okay
so we have to just remember that trading doesn't come without the risk. most people  
hate losing money but I don't hate losing  money because I think I try and
I study and I get experienced from losses. so  sometimes I lose sometimes I win but this is  
the important thing, the main thing  
to have more wins than losses. so in this situation, I can tell that the method really works  
and I am experienced and I have initial knowledge.  I can just um recover my losses I can just
recognize the movement of the market. and the  candles are going up but then down, don't do this.
so if I lose maybe I will go on the trade. but let's wait for about six four three two  
one. great job great two thousand and four hundred dollars on my accounts. and this is the third win.
you can just follow up on these rules but you can just start from five dollars or ten dollars.
it doesn't matter on which account um and on which platform, on which broker you use  
just you can just start up using this method for one dollar or two dollars. it doesn't  
matter or a hundred dollars. just just just you  don't have to believe in magic,  
50 dollars doesn't turn into billion dollars.  of course, you don't have to believe in magic.
so that's why I always repeat to open a  demo account to get yourself experienced, educated  
and then after that, you can just open  a real account and you can just start  
trading, then you will get a really really big profit. but some people want to get  
lots of money, want to get thousands of  dollars in just one minute and they bet  
lots and lots of money and they don't know anything about the trade. that's why lots of people  
lose on the market and fewer of them just win.  and a great job. oh my god four thousand and  
about five hundred dollars on my account. I think  this is done for today and I hope you will have  
great trades. thanks  for watching and subscribe to my channel <3

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