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Super Indicateurs mélange Profit 1800$ - Stratégie d'options binaires 2021

 Hello. in today's post I will explain one of my  favorite strategies that I use often. uh, this  

method will give you very good results if you use  it correctly. the strategy needs five indicators.  
it may seem um like a lot but the main thing  is the result of what the method will give us.  
accurate installation of indicators in the  first place is essential. so watch the post and  
let's get started and see how it  works. first of all, we have to put the  
Heikenash candles on one minute. the strategy  does not work on normal candles. it only works or  
on Heikenash candles. also, turn  on the timer and auto-scroll.
so the first indicator is Bollinger band,
period 20 and 2.
we can style in different colors  for example red and thickened lines.  
let's choose white for the middle line and red for  the bottom line and thicken our lines. that's all.
so that next indicator is also  Bollinger band periods 20 and three.
styling different colors. it depends  on you. it doesn't have any sense.
thicken lines and that is all. next,  we move on to the stochastic oscillator
period 6 3 3 let's choose sma.
so after all we install CCI.
period 21.
and let's thicken all lines.
so the last indicator is adx period
one and five.
let's change the color, thicken and  that's all. it needs so much time.
so indicators are done.
so after setting all the indicators we select the  high percentage currency pairs. currency pairs  
with gains of about 70 percent are recommended. I  personally don't bet if there is below 78 percent  
for pairs. but neither is required because  many pairs are about 78 percent. everything  
is ready. it's time to move on to a good  moment. here is one of the good moments.  
I was a little bit late to log in but it works.  it's such an in-depth strategy I don't think  
I could explain all the details in this post because I don't want a big postto come out. so
I will explain in about moments what I will  attend and in more detail, I will expand this  
strategy in the following post. the first win if  you think that good moments come every minute you  
are mistaken. it's not often a good moment. but if  it comes out you will be surprised by the result.  
the other side is how much you will be able to  explore and discover good moments. this is one of  
my one of the crucial aspects and even the most  important. and now I'm looking for a new good  
moment that will bring us a second win and here  is a good moment. it's perfect. the only thing  
missing is the ADX indicator lines to be  combined. it shows a weakening of sales.  
look at how ADX lines are connected to each other.  even the other indicators in perfect positions.  
observe how the CCI yellow line crossed the bottom  line and started moving up. watch the stochastic  
oscillator cross the blue and red lines and start  correcting above. so the second win. that's all  
in today's post. if you have any questions or if  you like the post please write in the comments.

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