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the most powerful signal 2021- Technical Summary - IQ option strategy(doubel rsi )

hello guys welcome back to my website
i want to apologize for being away for
so long
hope everything is fine with you today i
want to
show you one of my favorite favorite
indicators that work
best for me and i hope it will work good
for you as well
so i'm gonna try to explain it as simple
as possible and as slow as possible
so you guys can understand everything
very clearly
let's just uh manage all the things
we need for this method let's
put candles on five seconds we will need
rsi indicator so
the first one the period
on 18 over both
point on 80 and oversold point on 20.
the secondary psi as well but
here overbought and the result points
will be
different 50 and 50.
we can also change the color
it doesn't change anything it depends on
so that's all
now we have to wait till we get a good
moment we have to
look for a good moment and that's all
so call option
is when chart is about 50 percent
and at the same time uh the trend of the
market has to be going up
and vice versa when put option is
uh the chart has to be below 50
and the direction of the trend has to be
going down so
here we have call option
of course you see on the picture
um that the chart was about fifty
and the trend of the market was going up
it means that
we have to put a call
and of course candles are going up
so the method is very very simple if you
have any questions you can just
and i will try to reply
all of your comments and of course
i will try to explain this method in the
description so if you don't understand
anything just open the description
of the post 
and just read it
and of course we are going to win
of course we have one
plus 40 dollars great
so let's move on
and look for the other option
as well here are lots of moments then
for example the chart is about 50
but the direction of the market is not
is not going up or down
sometimes it's confusing
so you can open a demo account and try
this method i will put
a link below uh and it will
let you try a demo account with ten
thousand dollars
on your practice account balance so you
can just start practicing
and when you just feel that it works
good for you then you can just
open a real account this is
the way of trading that i always always
recommend to
any of my friends
great great the second win
so i think that the rsi is really a
tool that
can help you to determine optimal entry
and exit points and of course it can be
combined with other indicators as well
it depends on you you can play with all
with for example several indicators at
the same time
and try and find out which is best for
so here look here
here is a little bit confusing but when
i uh
click a put the chart falls below
50 percent and the trend was going down
so it's sometimes it's very very
and candles are going down great
of course i'm gonna i'm gonna
win great
great job plus 40 40
i think
i think this is enough to show you how
uh how this method work
how this method works so you can try it
on a demo account
so that's all guys i'll see you in the
next post
thank you

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