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Best Trading Using Options Order Flow 2021

hello trade pros welcome to yet another post i hope everyone's doingwell 

and i hope you're excited for thisyoutube post we got a lot of questionsabout this and it's time we answer themso this is victoria from trade proacademy and in today's youtube postwe're going to be going through ourquant data filters and how you canfilter quant data to identify daytrading opportunities how we use quantdata filters to day trade options sowe're going to break down our filterswe're going to break down some examplesand we're going to show you everythingthat we use here at quanteta and alsodon't forget to hit that subscribebutton hit that like button and drop acomment down below tell us what youthink do you guys

 use quanta how hasyour experience been so far and if youguys are new and you're looking for anoptions data provideran options order flow data providercheck out the link in the descriptionwhere you guys can jump on a discountcode for quant data through trade proacademy so if you go if you guys wantmore posts like this i suggest yousmash that like button and you give usmore feedback what do you guys want tosee we'll do individual posts on how touse quant data for certain things buttoday we're going to be going throughthe day trading aspect so why don't weget ready for this intro and we'll rollout our post  so welcome everyone you guys can seethis is quanta here on my screen and i'mgoing to be going through the filtersthat we use to day trade so you guys cansee quant data right here our mainwindow is pretty filtered you guys canprobably guess some of the filters bylooking at it the easiest

 one to guessisuh what kind of order it is and it'sgoing to be above ask now if we go intoquick filters

right hereyou can break down any kind of filteryou want right these filters will resetwhenever you

 refresh this pagewhat i'm going to do is go into myfilter groups now i've got three filtershereright i'm going to go for the throughthe first two because these are going tobe the important filtersfor our day tradingright so if we want to create a newfilter group we simply just click hereright we can create a new filter groupwe can call it what we will uh let's notcall it my name um we'll call itday tradingoptions for exampleright and what we're going to do iscreate this filter group now if we'vecreated the day trading options filtergroup we can add filters deactivate itshare it edit it whateverso i'm going to click add filterand what i'm going to do is i'm going tokeep contract types either calls or putsbecause we want to

 day trade these rightwe want to be aware of calls and putscoming

 in that are getting aggressivelybought rather than aggressively soldbecause that's how we're going to daytrade them now what i'm going to do isi'm going to go into the premium firstright and i'm going to filter for50 000 at least this is this is one ofthe filters that we got so i'm going tothrow on 50 000 at least right you cansee in the background right if i don'tif i just let it be right if i if i justleave it as as you can see they're justcoming in like crazythey're ask bid whatever they're justcoming in like crazy you can see thepremium here faintly 47 this one's 10000. i want to see what the larger fishare cooking up so we're going to go 50000 you can see it drops

 off very verydrastically right away nowwhat i'm going to do here is i'm goingtoadd another filter right and this timewhat we're going to do is we're going togototradesidenow the trade side is important here wehave a few different things to look atabove ask ask mid market bid below bitnow below bid and bid are usually goingto be more on the sell side i don't wantthat i want to see buying only ofoptions either buying puts or buyingcallsyeah i'm not going to get the fullpicture of this but for day trading ijust need those quicker moves thathappen faster so i'm going to go aboveaskright if i throw this filter on as isi'm going to get what i've created hereyou guys can seeso there's no need for me toto use the one that i just

 created uhthis day trading one so what i'm gonnadois i'm gonna i'm gonna activatewhoopsgoing to activate this one that i'vealready got and then this day tradingone i'm just going to get rid of itright i just wanted to show you guys howwe how we create it and there's justonly two simple steps very very easythereso once we get into that and we canclick here and we want to make sure it'sactivated right rather than deactivatedwe can close this you'll notice thislittle guy pops up you have successfullyupdated your filters amazingso when we go into this you'll see thatthe premium is not

going to be lowerthan 50 000and we're gonna be only above ask tradesthat means that you have pretty prettyhigh confidence that these puts or callsare being boughtnow there's another filter group you canuse for day trading and it's a hundredthousand plus this justfurther filtersthe premium right everything stays thesame above askbutpremium is greater than a hundredthousand so let's see what we cook upyou'll get way lessoptions flow that comes in right becauseit's two times the amount of

 theoriginal 50.so today for exampleright we noticed that there's tesla thatcame in the morning that there's netflixthat came in the morning and we're justgonnago through the filters that come in oneafter the other so how to use thisright if you want a rundown of how touse this with technical analysis justdrop some comments down below and hitthat like button but right now we'rejust gonna use this with just theoptions order flow how to day trade withthis nowan important thing isyou see spx calls and puts coming in spxis a different beast because people usespx to hedge get into long positions soit's it's not asindicative if you will for the day tradeifthe expiration date is close or theclosest to the current date in terms ofexpiration then you can put a littlemore emphasis that it's a day trade forexampleif we go into netflix today rightnetflix started at 1006 you get two bigcall orders right and they're september10th you had an earlier call orderthroughout the day but these two arekind of back to back so they kind ofstick out a little more and they'repretty largeso september 10th they expire thisfriday 6 15 and 6 10 call you can seewhere they were bought at 608.90 andabove ask naturally and a decent amountof premium now it's important to see ifit's a sweep or a block the sweep ismore aggressive you justwant to get your order in on anyexchange that's what we see it as so ifwe pull up a chart hereand we take a look at netflixon the five minute here because we'regonna day trade it right wow netflix isnow below 600 but at this point rightremember where we wereit's at 1006 1007 right 1006 1007. so ifwe go into this right 1006

 1007right at this candle right here so theflow comes in right at this as thiscandle starts forming and we get apotential move from 608 remember that'swhen the first order came in around 608on this on the spot and we get the moveall the way up to 6 15 just shy of 6 16.so a very very strong drastic move fromthat breakout you get pretty much aneight dollar move right which is adecent amount on netflix if you go intothe options rightand let's say you picked up the six tensyou picked up the six ten callsand at that same time those six tencalls you guys can see them right herethe 610 calls at 1006 1005 wer

e aboutseven dollars and 15 cents and theymoved all the way up to 990right so 990 divided by 715that's almost a 40 game right just usingthat flow and it took a matter ofsix seven minutesso a very very strong potential gain ofover 270 dollarsso that's how we like to day trade withit right there's a lot of opportunity itcomes in on the put side too so forexample let's see if we can find anotherexample hereso we'll get rid of this and the idea isthe more thatcomes out rightone after the other whether they're putsor calls on an individual assetthe moreyou want to look at that as a day tradeopportunity and what i mean by that isrepeat sweeps so the more we get somerepeat sweeps the better it is anotherexample here is bbig big so this namehas had a lot of hype throughout thepast few weeks and we've seen it rallypretty aggressively now right off theopen you can see there's between threeminutes of time from 9 30 to 9 33 rightthis is a four minute break so i'm justgoing to count these three guys righthere we have several

 callscoming in right pretty much at theopening price ofthis 

name right right when we get offthe open pretty much all at the openingprice you can see what the strikes areand threeout of these are mainly on the day tradeside right they're shorter expiry is theoctober 15th that's a little longer outthere so you can see the premiums around50 122 70 and then 51 and what they'regood for here are they're all sweeps sothey're repeat sweeps all above the askand someone's paying some good money tosee this thing rip to the upside solet's take a look at what that lookslike on the chart itself so bbig was aname that we were

 looking at as a teamthis morning from 11 50. so the breakoutpoint was actually 1145 11 45 this breakout point you can seethat it comes in right hereright pretty much off the openfrom the break the first candle in thefirst few minutes breaks 11 45 right andwe go all the way up until 12 18 12 20.so that doesn't seem like much and ithappens very fast but if we take a lookat an options chartand see what the actual price is let'ssay we get one of the one of the callsthat had beengiven to us here so let's say the tendollar call for example even the 15 callwas the first one in so we'll comparethe 10 call in the 15 call

 for septemberseptember 17 15 calland then the 10 call for september 10thso here we gowe have thecall that came in and it was atmarket open the call was around ahundred and sixty dollars per contractand it went up to 235. so that's theseptember17th one 235it's about a47 game now if we go to the september10this september 10th we're looking at the10 callsright off the open pretty much or closeto the open at leastand they come in and they're about twodollars andabout two dollars you can

see right herethey're about two dollars and they goall the way up to 285. so 285two dollars that's a 42 gain in a matterof just secondsso when we're day trading with these wewant to make sure that we see thoserepeat sweeps that come in right that'swhat quant data is really good for basedon the filter that we identified now ifthere's no repeat sweeps you can useyour technicals and use flow to supportyou but i'd much much rather see therepeat sweeps come in earlier on thesession so we can get a good idea ofwhat could

 potentially move now we'vehad a lot of these examples on twitterif you guys want to go and check thoseout and we're going to continueidentifying these kind of opportunitieswith our teamand on twitter on our social media so goand follow us there remember if you wanttoget a discount code for quantaand get the first few months at a lowerrate there's a link in the bio go andcheck that out we told yo

u guys how tofilter based on ourcriteria for a day trade and if you guyswant toknow how to use that in combination withtechnical analysis just drop a commentdown below we'll do another post foryou guys

 thank you so much for watchingthis is victoria from trade pro academyand this was the quant data day tradingpost i want you guys to smash that likebutton hit that subscribe button andring that little bell to notify when wedrop posts like these on a weekly basisthank you all and talk to you soon  youyou

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